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Updated: Feb 26

If you’re reading this entry you probably participated in one of our run tours or you’re planning to join one. Its a great way to combine sightseeing along with a running workout, but you might want to focus primarily on training for your next race. Well there are a few options for you.

The New York Road Runners has a popular group program called Open Run. These are weekly runs that take place in a total of 16 different local parks across the five boroughs of New York City. The distance is usually around a 5k with approximately 10 to 12 runners that run at various paces so you won’t be left behind. And there are some nice perks such as free t-shirts and you can even earn complimentary entry in an official NYRR race. Open Run is free but you do need to register. Head over to their website to learn more.

Sometimes we’re itching to go for a run but its either blazingly hot in the dog days of summer or the streets are sheets of ice in the winter. No need to subject yourself to severe weather. You can still get your running workout in at Mile High Run Club which is a trendy indoor treadmill fitness studio. Classes are available throughout the day such as the Dash 28 which includes 28 minutes of running intervals with 10 minutes of strength work and the Distance that includes 60 minutes of intervals, hills and tempo pace. The treadmills are state of the art and all face the center of the room where your coach leads you through the workout. The studio’s atmosphere is like a dance club with dim lighting and thumping music that plays on a sound system. This is a great workout that will leave you feeling energized. The price for classes start at $34 but they are discounted with the purchases of multiple class packages. They have two locations in Manhattan including E. 4th Street in Noho and We. 25th Street in Nomad.

Do you feel like a run but want to challenge yourself with even more? Then check out Barry’s Bootcamp which is a high-intensity workout that combines running and weights to increase full-body strength. Walk into the dimly lit studio with loud club music playing and hop onto your reserved treadmill. As the class begins your very fit instructor will start barking out instructions for the workout. You’ll alternate between treadmill running and floor exercises. You’ll start warming up with an easy jog and before you know it you’re heading uphill at an aggressive pace. Once the first set of intervals are completed you head over to the floor where the workout continues with dumbells and resistance bands. The weight training segment is very challenging and you will definitely feel the burn! You’ll alternate from the treadmill to the floor about 4 times with a steady increase of intensity. You’ll end this workout feeling exhausted but you’ll leave with a bit of a swagger as you reflect on your accomplishment.

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